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For those that are not trying to give up: You are seriously Dumb.Many restaurants have tried solving this problem by having two designated areas: one smoking, one non-smoking.All of you smokers should get a job, get a life, or get some friends.Reply 2023isaiahpool amanmp Kate19 3 43 (Maximum 900 words) Submit You can walk away.If smoking was banned, then heart-related sicknesses could possibly lower just like it did in the places where it was banned.It is well known that smoking is bad for everybody, but is the government trying to find new solutions to this problem.Not everyone that smokes is going to get cancer or be harmed by it.

If people want to get all hurt over a little smoke, ask the smoker to stop.Reply cathyb 08072014 Logical.Assasinator 3 3 (Maximum 900 words) Submit Yes, smoking should be banned.Smoking ban in public places has been a hot issue these last months not only in Malta but also in various countries who are discussing the effects a ban would have.Challenge Kate19 Chibbles lori.lno BeEsBe 4 9 (Maximum 900 words) Submit Why make it a law that smoking should be banned.But after reading through these comments, I agree with one thing.

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Everyone is trying to make the environment safer so that Earth does not combust within the next 50 years.

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Almost every state in the U.S. has considered this idea of a public smoking ban.It is dangerous and I think it is more important to save something then to be sorry later for it, and that it is very selfish from the others who smoke to say that they should be allowed to enjoy the smell of the cigarettes, while others suffer.

Smoking has already been banned in public. the people in some areas not too smoke especially in places where most.That same foundation has worked tirelessly to successfully ban smoking in all public places.

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The effect of second- and third- hand smoke is something that has become a hot topic and put on the back burner until recently.If you are pro-choice on the issue of abortion but support public smoking bans and bans on large soda, do you lose credibility.

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Read Smoking Should Be Banned In Enclosed Public Areas from the story Argumentative Writings And Competition Essays. smoking is banned in public places as.First of all it will significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks and other diseases, particularly among individuals such as children and non-smokers.

Maybe regulated or banned in certain places, but not completely banned.A smoking ban could lead to a significant fall in earnings from bars, restaurants and casinos.Placing the same harmful ingredients in the public watersource, reservoir, or well from which everyone partakes will harm the entire community and is a violation both legally and morally.Smoking is addictive and smokers cannot go within an hour of not smoking a cigarette.If someone chooses to smoke or allow smoking that is their decision.Another reason why smoking should be banned in public places is because of the garbage problem.Honestly if it was that big of a deal they would have made it illegal years ago.

Argumentative Essay on Banning Cigarettes:. the cities where smoking in public places is banned have less heart attacks in comparison with the areas where smoking.The smokers will still be able to smoke, but in their own space not around.One may not wish to be seated near an extremely obese person in a restaurant, but it would certainly be unconstitutional to deny service to these patrons.Related Opinions Should there be a ban on smoking in public places in an effort to increase quality of life for the public.It is a common debate around the world whether or not smoking should be banned in the public place. be imposed in public places.

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I later found out that I had a smoke sensitivity and just walking by a smoker made me feel ill.Should the government take actions to deter individuals from smoking.There have been a lot of arguments brought up both in favour and against a public smoking ban.I grew up with a smoking family and not once did i ever find it hard to breathe during my childhood and beyond.Read Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places free essay and over 87,000 other research documents.Smoking should be banned in public because people are exposed to hazardous smoke in many places, a ban can lead to.

However, in an attempt to protect the public from the effects of passive smoking.Who are you to ban smoking anywhere other then your own home.

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Smoking ban in public places Smoking has always been understood to be unhealthy, but when you decide not to smoke for health reasons, you should.

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What sort of example are they giving to young children and infants.

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Reply Kate19 Chibbles smartboy Rothsihak lori.lno 5 14 (Maximum 900 words) Submit Think about it.Report Post People shoud just grow up Anonymous says 2013-05-17T12:45:09.627.

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If people were allowed to smoke in public places they may not be as motivated to stop smoking as they are with not being allowed to smoke in public areas.

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Smoking In Public Places Essay Examples. The Major Reasons Why Public Smoking Should Be Banned. 1,551 words. 3 pages. An Essay on the Issues on Smoking in Public.

For example, a healthy lung is pinkish in color and helps the person breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.But a new study by the University of Minnesota shows that smoking bans in eight Minnesota cities did not have any significant impact on employment in those businesses (Benson).