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Well, film is different because it is a medium that preserves ONE definitive version and THAT is the work of art, whereas plays typically are unique performances that are not recorded.

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In Psycho, Norman Bates is said to have murdered his mother and her lover after finding them in bed together.

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One interesting facet of the remake is that they continue to use 60s-styled clothing and sets.Normal develops masculine and sexual feelings towards Marion.I saw this version in the theater when it originally came out, with a young audience who seemed to expect a full-on terrifying chiller.It would seem that any interest the remake is able to generate is based entirely on its relation to the first film—and I see nothing wrong with that.My impression upon watching the shower murder is that it was much shorter than I recalled.

As Freud described the complex, a young boy is sexually attracted to his mother, and as a result desires to kill his father in order to possess the mother.A key aspect of the theory is the urge to put oneself into situations where the traumatic experience is likely to recur.The first is that Vince Vaughn is rather large and can be physically threatening.Norman fails to achieve the self-mastery which Freud claimed psychoanalysis may provide.Van Sant cheekily makes the shower curtain a distorted fractal pattern.The Ego is also the personality we show others, founded upon the reality formula.Our free online Harvard Referencing Tool makes referencing easy.

Like literature and management students, psychology students also are regularly tasked to write essays and research papers as part of their course.So what does all of this psychological business have to do with literature and the study of literature.

Janet Leigh was not exactly a sex bomb either, but she seems sensual and you want to touch her.Bates alter ego of his mother is not happy about the prospect of an attractive young woman disrupting the love affair between mother and son.It seems kind of boring at first with all the driving and stuff, but it is necessary to understand the whole movie.

On the other hand, Hitchcock positions Norman far from the light source and slightly to one side.To conclude, Hitchcock enforces the idea that all the basic emotions and sentiments derived from the film can be felt by anyone as the unending battle between good and evil exists in all aspects of life. is the premier free source for literary analysis on the web.The original features a great deal of mirrors in its mise-en-scene, with many characters appearing doubled in several shots.Free psycho papers, essays, and research papers. These results are sorted by most relevant first (ranked search).

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Paths and steps and roads are prevelant in Pyscho, the path between the motel and house which symbolises a path between the normal and the insane, in Psycho stairs lead to madness.Once the murder is over and Norman returns, you will see that a bird print from the wall falls onto the floor.This reflects the thematic doubling in the story, and causes one to reflect on the ways the characters are similar and different, giving the story additional dimension.The initial usage of staccato chords immediately provides us with a hint of detachment of a character to be involved, this along with the titles created by Saul Bass, (who was known for his style reminiscent of 1920s Soviet poster art) immediately provide the audience with apprehension.

However, these destructive memories remain in the subconscious, where they are the source of neuroses and psychoses.What first caught my attention about the book was the quality of the writing--I was truly very impressed with the way Block put his words together in order to portray his ideas.Again, it may be an interesting concept, but for me it hurts the film as something one might want to watch, because now we cannot see the approaching mother figure as well.

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To conclude: the Id demands gratification, the Ego responds to reality (civilization), and the Superego which is our moral code and also is dictated by the demands of society.The suspense is built well through the music and the camera angles.

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The clouds did not distract as badly as they could have, but they are absolutely unnecessary, and hint at the idea that we are supposed to understand that nature herself is wounded by this murder, which may induce exasperated sighs, eye-rolling and slight nausea in some viewers.

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Overall, the watching of the two films back to back turned out to be a fascinating and revealing exercise.Van Sant has said that part of his motivation in remaking the film so faithfully was to introduce the movie to a generation who had never been exposed to it.Before she meets Norman, she sees the shadow of his mother in the bedroom window.