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IT has also been found to relieve a loss of appetite and nausea due to AIDS wasting syndrome and chemotherapy treatment.No matter how badly it is working or how wasteful it is for taxpayers, the government is not one to throw away its investment on its own.Marijuana is a natural herbal plant which is often called pot, weed, MMJ, cannabis, bubble gum, green goddess and there are several other names that follows.For these reasons, I believe that Marijuana, for medical purposes only, should be legalized in the United States.

So once again I posture the question why is marijuana illegal if it is not more dangerous than substances that are legal.Animal studies have suggested that marijuana causes physical dependence and some people report withdrawal symptoms.However, many writers apply one in particular, persuasive speech.Legalization Of Cannabis Essay Medicinal Marijuana Research Paper.Argumentative essay: Legalization of marijuana Argumentative essay: Legalization of marijuana Introduction Cannabis sativa is a drug that is most commonly known by.

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Corruption is so prevalent in Mexico that it is not unusual to see Mexican military, or those posing as military, to protect traffickers and drug gangs in fear that they or their family will be killed.On the other hand, various penalties are imposed for use or possession of cannabis in most countries.

This psychoactive drug has the reputation for causing hallucinations, disorientations, and also feelings of exhilaration and anxiety.

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Against the legalization of marijuana essaysAgainst the legalization of marijuana Should marijuana be legalized.For Vietnam, it took an almost revolutionary social movement for the government to pull out of their investment.

BTW, I am writing a Legalize paper for my college english class.haha.Another point brought forward by opponents of legalization of cannabis is that if cannabis is legalized, there is a risk that its use would certainly increase.TO relieve the pain of terminal patients, a doctor should prescribe anti-emetic or analgesic therapies of proven effectiveness.IT ranked closest to caffeine in the degree of reinforcement.Especially in young women, where rates of mental health problems have become many times higher in daily marijuana users.The legalization of legalizing marijuana legalization of marijuana.The fact that tobacco and alcohol are both taxed drugs, and yet they have serious consequences on the human body should be seen as a clear indication that even though the two are legalized they have serious negative impacts to those who abuse them.

Study Flashcards On Persuasive Speech at Quickly memorize the terms,.The use of drugs for other purposes apart from medical purpose is extremely harmful.

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The penalties generally range from simple to severe punishments.Besides the money that would be lost, many people would have to find another job.Marijuana use is on the rise, especially among teenagers and young adults.

There is a massive amount of drugs being used daily for medical reasons, some being used to treat multiple conditions at once.Mexico is the leading source country for importing marijuana, cocaine, and now meth.

Two essay traces of parliament have increased the revolutionary acronyms of contrast names, and removed intellectual changes.This is more than half of what the DEA receives from the government, meaning that jobs and the funds that the jobs need would take a serious hit from marijuana legalization.Persuasive essay on legalizing weed Tabari April 05, 2017 Whether it.Some of these ill effects are direct and some alter the behavior and motor skills of the drinker, helping them do things they would not usually do.But why should the supply be an underground black market led by criminals.

This is a concern which should be addressed for the citizens of United States who have to fight for their medicine to feel better and ease their illness.I do smoke marijuana, but that is because I feel things are so much better when I do.Now, as more of our generation begins to enter the political world we are seeing a change in policies that have held firm for almost a century.

Not only that but legalized marijuana would also put criminal organizations out of business.Moreover, drug addicted parents often neglect their children resulting to the children becoming street children.This same drug has been found to relieve symptoms of diseases of serious magnitude.Also, recently a heated debate has arisen on the medicinal value of marijuana.For centuries, marijuana has been used by different nationalities of people for religious, recreational, and medical use.Moreover, the study also found out that 4.2 million of the American population abuses cannabis while every 1000 deaths were found to have been caused by smoking related diseases, while 550 deaths were found to have been caused by alcohol related diseases and accidents.

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Prohibition is not working and I believe that education and treatment are better ways to address the drug problem.

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It also helps to open up lungs of an asthma patient (Kmietowicz 89).I am writing a persuasive essay on legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.The critics of illegalization of cannabis use such research findings to claim that cannabis is already being widely used in United States and other parts of the world and it does not cause more deaths while compared to other drugs.Misuse and abuse would be two of many negative results to the legalization of Marijuana.