The importance of brand equity to customer loyalty

Furthermore, a second issue for future research is the effect of different brand personality dimensions on the evaluation of brand extensions.The McKinsey Quarterly, No. 2, 101.110. Dacin, P.A., and Smith, D.C. (1994), The effect of brand portfolio characteristics on consumer evaluations of brand extensions.The importance of brand equity and how. customer base in such a way that drives brand loyalty,. help to quickly capture a loyal customer base and will.Based on the findings, we conclude that multicollinearity should not be a major concern in the present study.Second, relationships between brand loyalty and evaluation of brand extensions are hypothesized.Journal of Economical Psychology, 9, 1-28. Mason, C.H., and Perreault, Jr., W.D. (1991), Collinearity, power, and interpretation of multiple regression analysis.

Analyzing the Effect of Customer Equity on Satisfaction

Brand loyalty is where a person buys products from the same manufacturer repeatedly rather than from other suppliers.

More recently, Fournier (1998) has discussed a related dimension in the marketing discipline.


To increase your chances to rank at the top of the search results for your name and brand, you need to do the following.There are plenty of wrong ways and right ways to use social media.The respondents participated voluntarily and without receiving any compensation.The study of brand equity is gaining importance globally as some researchers have concluded.Park, et al. (1991) studied functional and symbolic benefits.Of course this is easier said than done, especially for those of you with common names that are shared with thousands of other people around the world.

The only research we have found is a short ACR abstract by Coderre, et al. (1998: 77).

Brand attitude is particularly important in brand loyalty and brand equity formation.First, the construct of affective relationship towards the parent brand could be drawn wider.Why Brand Loyalty Marketing is Important. Brand loyalty is a customer purchasing products and services from the same brand over and over rather than changing to.Impact of Brand Equity on Customer Loyalty. Brand Equity to Customer Loyalty An examination of. researchers have research on the importance of Customer.With so much emphasis on your brand, you need to make sure it looks better than ever.Make social media a two-way conversation and not just promotional.For example, the parent brands were well-regarded, well-known and characterized by their unique set of associations.

The Study of the Effect of Brand on Customer Loyalty of

But what if a generally undesirable parent brand comes out with a brand extension.Examining the Impact of Brand Equity and Value Proposition of.Our question is whether the same logic is relevant for brand extensions.Pages 72-79 TRANSFER OF BRAND EQUITY IN BRAND EXTENSIONS: THE IMPORTANCE OF BRAND LOYALTY Leif E.

Monitoring brand mentions and negative companies on review sites.When someone searches for your name or brand in Google, what do they find.Different dimensions of brand loyalty have been presented and discussed in the literature.First, Herr, et al. (1996) studied the relationship between brand awareness and the evaluation of brand extensions.This study extends that conclusion by demonstrating that extension similarity is not a fixed property.

Does the importance of value, brand and relationship


If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.

The relationship of Brand Commitment, Brand Credibility

Second, loyal behavioral intention towards the parent brand is important for reaching a positive evaluation of extensions.Similarly, though some measure of favorability of evaluation has been the core dependent variable in prior extension research, this approach does not correspond fully to the decision-making process in a competitive market.

Journal of Marketing Research, 31 (May), 229-242. Dawar, N., and Pillutra, M.M. (1996), Impact of product-harm crises on brand equity: The moderating role of consumer expectations.Customer loyalty is very closely tied to both brand positioning and brand equity.

Determinants of Brand Equity: Offering a Model to

Analyzing the Effect of Customer Equity on. impact of the three dimensions of customer equity (value, brand and. customer loyalty and.

Sample and data collection: A questionnaire was constructed for each of the three focal brands and administrated to subjects chosen from a population of a major Norwegian city.

Attaining Customer Loyalty! The Role of Consumer Attitude

The mean scores on the variables varied also across the extensions.An assumption common to most of the research is that brand affect and product category similarity play important roles (cf.Maarud is the leading snack brand (FMCG) in the country where the study was conducted (Norway).But in a competitive business, the best way to increase brand loyalty is to deliver outstanding service consistently.Constant brand re-enforcement is extremely important to keep customers loyal to a brand. 1.0 Introduction.Smith and Park (1992) defined search goods as attributes that can be evaluated accurately through visual inspection, while experience goods are attributes that must be assessed through actual trial.